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2017: Trade Paperbacks de los años 90

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En los últimos tiempos DC Comics ha comenzado a reeditar de forma completa y sistemática las series de finales de los 80, los 90 y principios de los 2000, o sea, todas aquellas previas a la era actual, en la cual prácticamente todo se reedita. Hay muchas obras de ese periodo que no habían sido reeditadas, o solo parcialmente, por lo que solo estaban disponibles los comic-books. Por ejemplo, si un lector quería leer el Flash de Mark Waid, apenas había unos pocos trade paperbacks, y estos no recopilaban toda la etapa, solo las historias más relevantes.

Esto es en lo que se refiere a EE.UU., ya que, paradójicamente, en España muchos de estos cómics se publicaron directamente en forma de tomos, ya sea en tapa dura, tapa blanda, formato bolsillo... Siguiendo con el ejemplo, todo el Flash de Waid fue editado hace unos años en siete libros. En cambio, hay otros casos en los que no contamos con edición en tomo, pero tampoco en grapa. Y a esto hay que añadir aquellos de los que pudimos disfrutar de unos pocos episodios, como son Impulse, Superboy o Legionnaires.

El objetivo de esta entrada es listar todos los tomos recopilatorios publicados por DC en 2017 que están centrados en este periodo. En algunos casos, se trata de obras que empezaron en los 80 y terminaron en los 90, otras se lanzaron en los 90 y terminaron en los 2000... La idea es llamar la atención sobre todos estos cómics, facilitar el acceso a ellos, señalar las diferencias con las reediciones anteriores, indicar cómo complementan las ediciones españolas...

Enero de 2017


Febrero de 2017

Deathstroke, The Terminator vol. 3: Nuclear Winter

In these tales from Deathstroke, The Terminator #14-20, Deathstroke may be dying, and his chances for survival lie half a world away in Cambodia. While his enemies believe him dead, Deathstroke takes refuge on Titans Island—and when he regains his strength, he’s shocked to learn that the island has been taken over by the forces of the evil Lord Chaos. How will he escape with his life?

Los números 14 y 15 de Deathstroke, The Terminator fueron publicados por Zinco en Nuevos Titanes: Caos total. Forman parte de un cruce con The New Titans y Team Titans

Supergirl by Peter David vol. 2

As Supergirl tries to get used to her dual life, she is confronted by villains like Silver Banshee, Despero, the Extremists and many more. Her biggest challenge: telling the Danvers and Kents about her powers. With everything changing, Supergirl undergoes an angelic transformation. Collects issues #10-20 and SUPERGIRL ANNUAL#2.

La serie de Supergirl escrita por Peter David fue publicada íntegramente por Planeta DeAgostini en Clásicos DC: Supergirl. Pero el Annual nº 2, que no está firmado por este guionista, no se incluyó. Por tanto, es material inédito en España. 

Wonder Woman and the Justice League of America vol. 1

In these never-before-collected stories from the 1990s, Wonder Woman takes over as leader of the Justice League of America, whether Green Lantern Guy Gardner, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle like it or not. Acting at the behest of the United Nations, the team must respond to a human rights crisis in a remote African nation, only to find the populace under the thumbs of the super-powered Extremists. The team then must jet to Norway, where the young superhero called Ice struggles to keep the nation out of the hands of her older brother. Collects JUSTICE LEAGUE AMERICA #78-85, JUSTICE LEAGUE AMERICA ANNUAL #7 and GUY GARDNER #15.

Este material de la Liga de la Justicia no había sido reeditado en EE.UU. hasta ahora y en España está inédito. Se sitúa justo después de Liga de la Justicia de América: La mano del destino, publicado por Zinco. 

Marzo de 2017

Batman: Legacy vol. 1

A deadly plague has been loosed upon Gotham City, forcing Gotham’s wealthiest citizens to take refuge in a gilded ghetto of their own design, unaware that money is no protection from the virus. Now it’s up to Batman and Robin to find a cure for the mysterious virus, with the help of Catwoman and Azrael. And when the virus returns in mutated form, Batman and his allies must race across the globe to find its source—and a cure. This new edition collects Detective Comics #697-700, Catwoman #33-35, Robin #31, Batman: Shadow of the Bat #53 and Batman #533, including chapters that have never been reprinted before.

The Flash by Mark Waid vol. 2

Once Wally West was Kid Flash, sidekick to his mentor and friend The Flash, a.k.a. Barry Allen. But the death of Barry made Wally the fastest man alive—and the new Flash! Now, somehow, Barry has returned—as a violent and paranoid speedster determined to eliminate what he’s created! Is Barry really back? This second collection of stories from Mark Waid’s epic run on THE FLASH includes THE FLASH #69-79, THE FLASH ANNUAL #6, GREEN LANTERN #30-31 and #40, plus a story from JUSTICE LEAGUE QUARTERLY #10.

Justice League: Breakdowns

In this 1980s adventure, Justice League America and Justice League Europe are at their lowest ebb. Maxwell Lord has been shot, and both teams have been ordered to disband by the United Nations. While the teams are in disarray, one of their oldest foes, Despero, returns with revenge in mind—and it’s up to Lobo to team up with Booster Gold to beat him. Collects JUSTICE LEAGUE AMERICA #52-60 and JUSTICE LEAGUE EUROPE #29-36.

La historia Breakdowns (Rupturas) se publicó en los años 90, de ahí que se incluye en esta lista, si bien es el final de la etapa de Keith Giffen y J. M. DeMatteis, que comenzó en 1987. En España fue publicada por Zinco y Planeta DeAgostini (Clásicos DC: JLA / JLE). 

Legionnaires vol. 1

In these stories from LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #0 and #62-68 and LEGIONNAIRES #0 and #19-24, Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy and Live Wire meet while rescuing the galaxy’s wealthiest man, then decide to form a team of tomorrow’s greatest superheroes. Bankrolled by their rich benefactor, the trio recruits an assortment of teenage heroes from the many different worlds of the United Planets to form the Legion of Super Heroes!

La mayoría de estos cómics fueron reeditados anteriormente en Legion of Super-Heroes: The Beginning of Tomorrow (1999). Pero esta nueva edición es más completa, pues contiene varios números que no habían sido reeditados hasta ahora. Esta completamente inédito en España. 

Young Justice vol. 1

The original run of YOUNG JUSTICE is collected at last from YOUNG JUSTICE #1-7, JLA: WORLD WITHOUT GROWN-UPS #1-2, YOUNG JUSTICE: THE SECRET and YOUNG JUSTICE: SECRET FILES #1. Witness the formation of the original Young Justice team, including Superboy, Impulse, Wonder Girl, Secret and Arrowette as mentors like Red Tornado and Nightwing guide the group into adventure!

Este material fue reeditado anteriormente en JLA: World Without Grown-Ups (2000) y Young Justice A League of Their Own (2000). En España fue editado por Norma en JLA: Mundo sin adultos y los tomos de Young Justice

Septiembre de 2017

The Flash of Mark Waid vol. 3

After his devastating battle with Professor Zoom and the Zero Hour event, Wally West must get his life back on track with the help of Nightwing and Starfire, only to be charged with criminal negligence after thwarting Heatwave’s Christmas crime spree. And racing to Keystone City straight from the future, it’s Impulse, the latest member of The Flash’s super-speed family! Collects THE FLASH #80-94.

Green Lantern: Kyle Rayner vol. 1

A new Green Lantern is born when artist Kyle Rayner is awarded the last power ring—but how can he fill Hal Jordan’s shoes? A classic chapter in Green Lantern history is collected beginning here with tales from GREEN LANTERN #48-57, REBELS ’94 #1 and NEW TITANS #116.

Justice League of America: A Midsummer's Nightmare The Deluxe Edition

In this three-issue miniseries that led into Grant Morrison’s JLA run, something is wrong with the World’s Greatest Heroes! Each has forgotten the life in which he or she wore a costume and protected the planet with their own unique powers and abilities. Even stranger, ordinary people everywhere are gaining their own powers in an insidious plan to cultivate Earth’s population as a race of super-soldiers!

Supergirl vol. 3: Peter David

The 1990s adventures of Supergirl continue—and there’s a new hero in her hometown of Leesburg: Comet! But why does this dashing new hero need so much help from the Girl of Steel? Plus, the Female Furies drag Supergirl to Apokolips, and Matrix returns—and it wants Supergirl’s identity! This volume includes guest appearances by Steel, Resurrection Man. Collects SUPERGIRL #21-31, SUPERGIRL #1,000,000 and RESURRECTION MAN #16-17!

Absolute WildC.A.T.S.

Twenty-five years ago, Jim Lee premiered the legendary team known as WildC.A.T.s and help launch Image Comics. Now, Jim’s entire WildC.A.T.s run is collected for the first time in one oversized Absolute volume, including WILDC.A.T.S #1-13 and #50, CYBERFORCE #1-3, WILDCATS #1 and WILDC.A.T.S/X-MEN: THE SILVER AGE #1. This edition also features remastered color for WILDC.A.T.S #1-4, the unpublished script for WILDCATS #2 and a new cover by Jim Lee!

Wonder Woman and the Justice League vol. 2

In these 1990s tales, Wonder Woman takes over as leader of the Justice League of America, whether members like Green Lantern Guy Gardner, Booster Gold or Blue Beetle like it or not. After a final battle with her brother, Ice decides that her destiny lies with the Justice League! Plus, a cult that worships an alien intelligence must stop the team from
discovering their dark aims—at any cost! And then, it’s judgment day as the Overmaster returns…and the U.N. sanctioned Leaguebusters are taking Overmaster’s side in this battle! Collects JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #65-66, JUSTICE LEAGUE AMERICA #86-91 and JUSTICE LEAGUE TASK FORCE #13-14.

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